Lecture “Fight for Life – how to defend ourselves from contagious diseases”

A cycle of short free lectures by the University of Rijeka, in cooperation with City of Rijeka and City of Opatija, is being carried out as part of University project for elderly.

Guest lecturer in this program will be our colleague Dr. Sc.  Vanda Juranić Lisnić presenting "The Fight for Life - how we defend ourselves from contagious diseases". Lecture will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy (2nd floor, room 207) on February 7, at 17 o'clock .

Intro to the lecture:
Though you are not aware of it, your body is every second of every day under attack. Invisible enemies such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and tiny parasites are attacking us. The only thing standing between these tiny attacks and our health is our immune system. This lecture will present defense forces of our organism and how they defend us from invisible enemies; which types of enemies there are and what strategies they use to infect us and why we sometimes get sick and sometimes develop life-long immunity.