First Horizon 2020 at University of Rijeka goes to Faculty of Medicine

Capri_JonjicThe network for training in the field of rational designing a new generation of defined glycoconjugate-based vaccines - GLYCOVAX is the first project accepted within the framework of the Marie Sklodowska Curie Innovative Training Networks programme Horizon 2020, while its Croatian partner is the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka.

GLYCOVAX represents a network for training young scientists striving to learn how to rationally design a new generation of defined and innovative glycoconjugate-based vaccines, with the aim of improving existent preventive treatments as well as solving thus far unfulfilled medical necessities.

By merging expertise with fellow partners, GLYCOVAX is set to create a multidisciplinary environment where 14 young researchers will contribute to the development of a new course towards improved, safer and better characterized glycoconjugate-based vaccines along with acquiring transferable skills that will ultimately guide them to leading positions in the field of academic and industrial research.

The project is set to be carried out within a time frame of 48 months, commencing in November 2015. The total budget for the project amounts to 3.560.797.00 EUR, from which approved funds for its Croatian partner, the University of Rijeka Faculty of Medicine, amount to 247.761.00 EUR. A total of 11 partners are included in the project, while the project coordinator is the Italian-based company NOVARTIS VACCINES and DIAGNOSTICS.

The merit for this extraordinary success goes to Professor Stipan Jonjic, M.D. PhD, the Head of the Project, as well as his research associates from Faculty of Medicine University of Rijeka.