CAPRI2010 (FP7)


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Full title: The Center for Antibody Production Rijeka: Upgrading the Central Research and Service Infrastructure for the South Eastern Region of Europe

Project acronym: CAPRI2010

Grantor: European Commission: 7th Framework Programme (FP7)

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Programme: Capacities: Research potential of Convergence  regions

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Duration: 2009-2012

Coordinator: Stipan Jonjic, Faculty of Medicine University of Rijeka

Total funding: EUR 619.770

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Brief description:

This three-year technological project should enable the Center for Proteomics to achieve self-sustainability on the long run. The key activities of CAPRI2010 consist in the establishment of new scientific collaboration in mAb development and application.

Through upgrading the infrastructural resources and mobilizing human resources by providing special training and education, the Center should further position itself as an institution that optimally serves the development of research and technological potential in the South Eastern Europe, thus enhancing the capacity and competitiveness of the Faculty of Medicine to participate in and contribute to future EU research projects.