NLO (FP7 Researchers’ Night Marie-Curie Action)


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Full title: Night-of-the-Lab-Out

Grantor: FP7 Marie-Curie Action: "Researchers' Night"

Grant number: 609815

Grantor's website:                      

Duration: 1 May 2013 - 31 October 2013

Coordinator: Ana Grdovic, Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes, Croatia

No. of participants: 9


- Drustvo, Croatia

- University of Split, Croatia

- University of Rijeka, Croatia

- University of Rijeka Faculty of Medicine, Croatia

- University of Rijeka Faculty of Engineering, Croatia

- University of Zagreb, Croatia

- Rudjer Boskovic Institute Zagreb, Croatia

- Institute for Physics, Zagreb, Croatia

Total funding (University of Rijeka Faculty of Medicine): EUR 2.889

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  Brief description:

On Friday evening, September 27th, 2013, Researchers’ Night project is planned to be organized in the three largest cities in Republic of Croatia: Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. The main theme of the Researchers’ Night 2013 in Croatia is “Science and Technology in Service of Life and Health”. Acronym of the project is NLO which stands for "Night-of-the-Lab-Out" and the project aims at bringing researchers closer to the public and proving they are not some strange people closed in their labs, but ordinary people sharing different interests like everyone else. The primary objective of the project NLO is to provide wider public with an opportunity to meet young, outstanding researchers who actively perform research in fundamental and multidisciplinary fields involving knowledge and technologies in service of life and health. The main messages of the RN project will put emphasis on the importance of scientific research in everyday life and on exciting and interesting scientific life and career. The proposed concept of the RN project gives the opportunity to change stereotypes about the researchers and intends to stimulate public interest towards science and research as an attractive career. Project is organized by nine partners in three largest cities in Croatia: Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes, Society, University of Split, University of Rijeka, The Faculty of Medicine and The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Rijeka, University of Zagreb, Ruđer Bošković Institute and Institute of Physics in Zagreb. Different contents during the Night will be adjusted to wider audience like various competitions, science act show, carnival parade, researchers on stilts, science cinema marathons, exhibitions, projections, stands and many other surprises.