Faculty of Medicine University of Rijeka – Celebration of the 60th anniversary

Jonjic 1Faculty of Medicine University of Rijeka celebrated six decades of its existence. In this period, Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka left its mark not only in Croatian science, but also on the global level. Team of scientists employed at this Faculty are all representatives of scientific excellence recognized at the international level.


Prof. Dr. Stipan Jonjic points out that the 60th anniversary of the Institution is very important for him, especially when taking into account that he is employed at the University for nearly 40 years.

JonjicProf. Dr. Stipan Jonjic said for the daily newspapers Novi List: "all these years we have been very successful and internationally recognized, despite the fact that it has not not always been easy to keep up the good work, because in the early days we did not have all that is necessary to carry out high quality research. My success is due to the fact that from the very beginning I was lucky enough to work with high quality associates - young people who were and are doing their doctoral researches in my group, after which they were become independent researchers who went in various directions, while some of them are still the backbone of our scientific work".

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