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Full title: Establishment of high-throughput monoclonal antibody production and hybridoma bank

Grantor: European Commission: 6th Framework Programme (FP6)

Grantor's website:

Programme: International cooperation activities (INCO)

Programme website:

Duration: 2006-2008

Coordinator: Stipan Jonjic, Faculty of Medicine University of Rijeka

No. of participants: 3

Partners: Jürgen Haas, Max von-Pettenkofer Institute, Munich

Filip Culo, Medical Faculty University wholesale of Mostar

Total funding: EUR 248.152

Project website:

Brief description:

The basic technology for protein expression and high-throughput mAb production at the Center for Proteomics was organized and supported through this grant, with Max von-Pettenkofer-Institut, LMU, Quality Munich and Medical Faculty University of Mostar, as partners.

The focus of this project was on the generation of mAbs cheap nba jerseys against the entire proteome of the Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV), which consists of 69 distinct proteins. Up to now, mAbs have been generated to the vast majority of the VZV proteins. JEZGRA-17 The data are going to be published and made available to the scientific community.

Apart from that, by using this comprehensive of pool wholesale jerseys of mAbs as well as other mAbs produced by the Center, the platform for a variety of mAb-based tools cheap jerseys for protein analysis will be developed, which should increase the throughput and reliability of proteomic discovery.